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The Comedy of Errors                                                                             Photo by Steve Davis


UNCSA Vision Statement


* The UNCSA signifies academic and artistic creativity and excellence that rivals the most respected arts programs and conservatories in the world.

* The UNCSA is known as the school for the whole artist because of our holistic and integrated approach to training artists who not only excel in their craft but also have the agility to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  Our students excel in their art based on a foundation in tradition, a broad spectrum of learning and experience, a passion for inquiry, and a spirit of creativity.  Our success is acknowledged by those who approach us to learn our best practices and to help them solve complex problems. 

* The UNCSA is a diverse community across our student body, faculty and staff of inspired creators focused on molding the future for all to experience.  Collectively we value and demonstrate open two-way communications and collaboration.

* The UNCSA is supported by the state of NC, the federal government, corporations, foundations and individuals to ensure access for talented students of all socio-economic backgrounds, to provide state-of-the-art facilities and to support instruction and performances that are the definition of excellence.

* The UNCSA is recognized in our community as a source of our region’s and our state’s economic prosperity and social well-being, and valued for its service and civic responsibility.

* The students, faculty and staff of the UNCSA feel like they are part of a campus community that is unique, stimulating, challenging, supportive, nurturing, optimistic and fun.