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 Student Government Association

The purpose of the  Student Government Association (SGA) is to provide adequate channels for expression of student viewpoints in all areas of college life at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA); to promote the general welfare of the students; to promote the interests and opinions of the students on matters which affect them; to promote campus activities; and to provide opportunities to practice leadership skills. 

Throughout the year officers will conduct town hall meetings, workshops, and provide ample opportunities for participation.

2013-14 SGA Leadership Team

Joseph Blankinship - School of Filmmaking - 4th Year

Aundria Brown - Drama - 3rd Year
Elyssa Kohen - Design & Production - 3rd Year
Emily Chamberlin - Dance - 4th Year
Eric Dwyer - Design & Production - 3rd Year
Evan Russell - Filmmaking - 3rd Year
Laura Gardea - Music - 4th Year
Michael Harbeck - Design & Production - 3rd Year
Thomas Campbell - Filmmaking - 3rd Year
Wesley Wright - Filmmaking - 3rd Year

Emily Hart - Dance
Kira Geiger - Drama
Kimberly Fulmer - Dance
Lorenzo Roberts - Drama
Mason Hensley - Drama
Paige Amicon - Dance
Savannah Spratt - Dance

Steve Gallagher

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings are schedule throughout the academic year and provide an opportunity for the SGA leadership team to hear from the UNCSA college community. Information from these meetings are then shared with members of UNCSA administrators.

These meetings are announced via campus email, the SGA Twitter & Facebook accounts.

Contact Information

Follow us on Twitter @UNCSA_SGA or find “SGA at UNC School of the Arts” on Facebook (336) 631-1217

Student Groups

For information on how to start a college student group please click on the following link:

So You Want to Start a New Student Group