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 UNCSA Counseling services

Couseling CenterWe are here for you.

Students pursuing art careers away from home and in a new environment, can experience new pressures that may interfere with living and learning. The Counseling Center, staffed with licensed counselors available for individual and group sessions, offers students a confidential and secure environment in which to discuss issues ranging from personal problems to life goals. Full-time counselors help students identify stresses, explore acceptable forms of emotional expression and behavior, and establish healthy mental attitudes to facilitate both personal and professional growth.

Counseling Center

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Phone: (336) 770-3288

After Hours number (Healthlink):
1 (888) 267-3675
For evenings & weekends while school is in session

Life-threatening emergency, call 911

Cost: Free to students

Health & Wellness Center is on the top level of Hanes Student Commons

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Making an Appointment

You can schedule or cancel an appointment by calling (336) 770-3288 or in person in the Health and Wellness Center.

Prior to your initial appointment, please complete the First Appointment Form from any on-campus computer. Learn about what will occur during your first visit.


All counseling services are confidential to the limits provided by law, and no information can be release to anyone within or outside of the University without a client's written consent.


Counseling works.

Studies on the effectiveness of psychotherapy show that the average person who receives counseling services is better off than 80% of those who receive no treatment. The bottom line: counseling works! For more information about how to make your experience with a counselor worthwhile, view the counseling staff page.

The Counseling staff has expertise in working with and understanding the unique challenges facing developing artists. We accept that artists, by their very nature, see and experience the world differently than others. As a consequence, artists often experience sensitivities that others may not "get." We get it.