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Student Films of 2012-13


7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 27

ACE Exhibition Complex, School of Filmmaking Studio Village


Public screening of the 2012-13 student films.


2013 4th year film

A happy couple living in a sinister house

Director: Gabriela Quiroz

Screenwriter: Ryan Hibbett

Producers: Brandon White and Katelin PerryCinematographer: Chase Shultz

Production Designer: Olivia Motley

Editor: Christopher Frith

Composer: Drew Denton

Run Time: 18:31


OLD SOULS (trailer)

2013 4th year film

In 1969, a young African-American girl flees into the woods and discovers

2 young boys who have lived in the woods for over 100 years without aging.



2013 4th year film

Courage can be found by remembering the past.

Director: Jimmy Kelly

Screenwriter: Wesley Broome

Producer: Konstantin Sumtsev

Cinematographer: Christopher O’Leary

Production Designer: Aaron Kelly

Editor: Aaron Greenbaum

Composer: Andrew Dent

Run Time: 10:21

 PARTS (trailer)

2013 4th year film

A scientist places the heart of his dead wife into a new creation, which tries to revive the old love.



2013 3rd year film

Despite discouragement from his older brother Luke, an idealistic young boy named Elliot attempts a fanciful form of self-aviation in order to re-unite with his deceased father.

Director: Adam Perry

Screenwriter: Ryan Hibbett

Producer: Tay Nikonovich

Cinematographer: Chase DuBose

Production Designer: Emily Leising

Editor: James McDonough

Composer: Nate Fenwick Smith

Run Time: 11:06


MAN ON THE HILL (trailer)

2013 4th year film

A young girl and a man are threatened by the danse-macabre that reunites the dead and the living.



2013 3rd year film

Harmon and Wendel are two WWII concentration camp escapees chained together at the wrist. Their run for freedom is halted when they mistakenly step on a land mine.

Director: Alex Thompson

Screenwriter: Austin Elliott and Alex Thompson

Producer: Mitch Rumfelt and Josh Barker

Cinematographer: Harper Alexander

Production Designer: Jubilate Cox

Editor: Jacob Highland

Composer: Nate Fenwick Smith

Run Time: 14:50


2013 2nd year film

Leah confesses her true feelings to Chayse in the school library while unknown malice lurks in the hallways.

Director: Christine Hurley

Screenwriter: Evan Scott Russell

Producer: Evan Scott Russell

Cinematographer: Chis Ellison

Production Designer: James Heltibridle

Editor: Isaac Banks

Run Time: 7:32

 REMY (trailer)

2013 4th year film

Emmanuel “Manu” Remy is going nowhere until events cause something to snap inside, releasing his violent disposition.




2013 4th year film

Two lonely souls nurture a friendship and an everlasting legacy.

Animator/Director: Austin Taylor

Screenwriters: Austin Taylor and Alexander Thompson Producers: Julia Festa and Alexander Thompson

Cinematographer: Chase Shultz

Production Designer: James Heltibridle

Sound Designer: James McDonough

Composer: Tom Hauser

Run Time: 11:32



Please join us again:

May 8, 2014 for our 2013-2014 Third Year Films at 7:00pm in ACE Main Theater

May 9, 2014 for our 2013-2014 Fourth Year Films at 4pm or 8pm in ACE Main Theater