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Outlook Tips and Tricks

How Do I Share My Calendar With Other Outlook Users?

You may give another person permission to access and edit your email account, calendar, or contacts list. This might be particularly useful in keeping a departmental calendar. In order to establish a delegate:

1.Select the Calendar option on outlook so that you are viewing your calendars.

2. Click the link, on the bottom left of your screen, that says, 'Share My Calendar...'

3. Click the Permissions tab.

4. Click Add. In the 'Type name or select from list' box, type or select the name of the person you want to grant sharing permissions to.

5. Click Add, and then click OK.

6. In the Name box, click the name of the person you just added.

7. In the Roles box, click the permissions you want to grant.

In order for the other use to share the calendar, they must complete these steps on their machine:

1. In the Calendar selection in their Outlook, they must click the link (bottom left) that says, 'Open a Shared Calendar...'

2. Click 'Name,' select the name of the user to which the shared folder belongs.

3. Enter the name of the folder.