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The School of Filmmaking trains talented students for professional careers in the film and television industries. The program stresses the collaborative nature of filmmaking in a rigorous conservatory atmosphere. The School of Filmmaking's goal is to produce the "complete" filmmaker – a storyteller of unusual vision who knows how to use and value the components of the filmmaking arts.

Graduate Program

The School of Filmmaking currently offers a two-year Master of Fine Arts degree in Filmmaking with a concentration in Film Music Composition. The faculty consists of film and television artists-in-residence as well as professional scholars committed to nurturing our students’ creative potential by exposing them to an educational environment that mirrors the professional world’s collaborative process.  Our master’s program in Film Music Composition offers a unique opportunity for the nascent film composer to work with student filmmakers during production and post production,while honing their musical and compositional creativity. Film Music Composition students take courses in digital recording;orchestration;conducting; scoring for short films, commercials, and new media; film music history and analysis; American and international film history and aesthetics; as well as a capstone course that focuses on the skills necessary to transition effectively into the industry. Students score a variety of formats (commercials, live-action and animated shorts,documentaries, and experimental works) of various lengths, ranging from 90- second main titles in various genres to 12-minute student productions. The depth and intensity of the training, along with the curricular diversity offered by a specialized faculty, prepare the student to function successfully within the extremely competitive world of film music composition.

Beginning with Academic Year 2016-2017, we will be expanding our MFA program to include two new concentrations: Creative Producing and Screenwriting, due to the symbiotic relationship between these two professions.  The Creative Producer is the person who generates and/or cultivates a project from conception to completion with an eye towards the project’s commercial viability.  The Creative Producer and the Screenwriter spend the majority of their collaborative time in what is called the development process: the period in advance of production during which the material is transformed from outline to final draft.  The creative producer also seeks the appropriate medium (motion picture, television series, web series) and market for the story.

We believe that the most successful filmmakers will have command of entrepreneurial skills as well as storytelling expertise.  Therefore, our new MFA concentrations in Creative Producing and Screenwriting will offer in-depth training in new ways to develop, finance, produce and distribute dynamic creative content across a variety of media in this ever-changing technological age.  We will begin accepting applications for admission to these two new programs in the Fall of 2015.  

Undergraduate Program

Students pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts in filmmaking. The first two years of the curriculum stress fundamentals of the filmmaking process and visual storytelling. Students are required to become familiar with every aspect of creating, developing, making, finishing and exhibiting their cinematic work. During the third and fourth years, students train within disciplines in a mentor/student relationship with professional faculty, staff and guest artists. Only students who are successful in meeting the rigorous requirements of conservatory training in the first two years are invited to continue into the advanced levels of the program.

Students write, direct, photograph, edit, design and produce a variety of film and digital video exercises, short film and digital video productions, and numerous school-sponsored productions during their four-year course of study. All creative works are prepared at a professional conservatory level, and shown in our state-of-the-art theatres.

The program at the School of Filmmaking is intense, and requires the complete attention of the would-be filmmaker. Students participate in lectures, workshops, screenings, production meetings, story conferences, crew assignments, principal photography in studio and on location, post-production, and professional internships.

Information on Specific Undergraduate Programs