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 Apple Computer Requirement

Students with Apple Laptops

ATTENTION ALL FRESHMEN (updated July 13, 2015)
All freshmen are required to have a Mac computer for their class and production work, along with specific software. The School of Filmmaking has developed partnerships with Apple Computer, Inc., Adobe Systems, Inc., and Final Draft, Inc. to provide the latest technology at the best prices available.

UNCSA School of Filmmaking requires all incoming students to purchase four items:

  1. A MacBook Pro computer with the latest operating system; 
  2. The AppleCare warranty (to keep your computer working);
  3. Adobe Creative Cloud software (complete version); and
  4. Final Draft screenwriting software.

    Here is what to do to get the computer and software you need:

    Apple MacBook Pro (with AppleCare warranty) Purchase Requirement

    All incoming freshmen are required to have an Apple MacBook Pro (unless a severe financial constraint absolutely will not allow it). The 15" size is recommended to allow more window space for editing. You should purchase the model that has a processor with a minimum speed of 2.2 GHz, at least 16 GB RAM, a minimum of 512GB of flash storage, and the Intel Iris Pro graphics card.

    The less expensive 13" MacBook Pro can be used, but it is not optimal for Post Production. If you choose to buy a 13" model, choose one with at least a 2.7 GHz i5 processor, at least 8 GB RAM, and a minimum of 512 GB of flash storage.

    We recommend that all incoming freshmen purchase an external USB3 hard drive (at least 1 terabyte) with Thunderbolt interface, for editing and backup purposes. We also recommend purchasing the USB SuperDrive to allow for reading and burning optical media.

    To purchase a MacBook you can use this link to access the Apple Store for Education.

    Once you have entered our custom online Apple Store, select a MacBook Pro portable computer, then select any special options to customize your computer. Be sure to add the required AppleCare warranty to your checkout cart at the Apple Store!

    The MacBook Pros are NOT pre-bundled with screenwriting or editing software. You will have to purchase these programs separately. We have arranged for you to obtain them at a discounted student price.

    Adobe Creative Cloud Software

    All incoming freshmen are required to purchase their own license to the complete version of the Adobe Creative Cloud.  You can purchase this at the student rate of $19.99 per month directly from Adobe using this link or through any of Adobe's various resellers.  Be sure to buy the complete version and not the photography version.  You may want to wait until the beginning of school to activate the software; but you must make certain that you have it on your MacBook Pro and active on the first day of classes.

    Final Draft Software Purchase Requirement

    All incoming freshman are required to purchase Final Draft Screenwriting software. You can purchase this software for a one-time educational discount of $129 using this link.