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Carl Forsman

Carl Forsman, Dean

The faculty of the School of Drama consists of distinguished, practicing professionals. Each member of the faculty is highly qualified - by experience and work in theatre, film and television - to offer individual guidance and personal consultation with students. The faculty continues work in the profession - acting, directing, master classes and consulting services.


Carl Forsman, Dean
Mary Irwin, Assistant Dean
Robert Francesconi, Assistant Dean

Tanya Belov
Matthew Bulluck
Carl Forsman
Robert Francesconi
Quin Gordon
Caroline Kava
Kelly Maxner

Carl Forsman
Quin Gordon

Robert Francesconi
Dale Girard
Matt Loehr
Kelly Maxner
Cynthia Penn

Janine Hawley
Mary Irwin
Geordie MacMinn
Robin Christian McNair
Barbara Ann Peters

Greg Walter

Dean Emeritus
Gerald Freedman

Cigdem Onat
Barney Hammond
Lesley Hunt
Jeff Lewis
Mollie Murray

Adjunct Faculty Artists
Jesse Berger
Robert Beseda

Allen Berryhill
Kirtan Coan
Matthew Cowart
Jack Cummings III
Timothy Douglas
Dikki Ellis
Ben Furey
Quin Gordon
Chuck Hudson
Ashley Gates Jansen
John Langs
Tiffany Little-Canfield
Mollye Maxner
Robert Moyer
Jeremy Skidmore
Kevin Stites