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Scene Shop

A day in the life of the D&P scene shop

There are 22 full-time faculty members in the School of Design & Production who teach the more than 150 courses offered each year. The faculty is a distinguished team of highly qualified working professionals with a wide range of backgrounds, expertise and vast industry contacts. These contacts account, in large part, for the exceptionally high employment record of the school's graduates. Faculty members work hand-in-hand with students on the many productions given by the School of the Arts, and are readily accessible to offer individual guidance and consultation.

Michael J. Kelley Dean of the School of Design and Production
Dennis Gill Booth Assistant Dean for Production; Technical Direction Faculty
Howard C. Jones Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs; Director of the Scenic Art Program; Set Design and Scenic Art Faculty
John H. (Jack) Miller Assistant Dean for Operations; Director of the Stage Automation Program; Technical Direction Faculty
Will Taylor Director of the Visual Arts Program; Visual Arts Faculty

Costume Design and Technology
Bill Brewer Director of the Costume Design and Technology Program; Costume Design Faculty (email)
Pam Knourek Costume Technology Faculty (email)
Kjersten Lester-Moratzka Costume Technology Faculty (email)
Dina Perez Visiting Costume Faculty (email)

Norman Coates Director of the Lighting Program; Lighting Design Faculty (email)
Josh Selander Lighting Technology Faculty (email)
M. Eric Rimes Lighting Technology Faculty (email)

Performing Arts Management
Dave Olson Director of the Performing Arts Management Program;  Performing Arts Management Faculty (email)

Scene Design
John Coyne Director of the Scene Design Program; Scene Design Faculty (email)
Howard C. Jones Director of the Scenic Art Program; Scene Design and Scenic Art Faculty (email)
Eduardo Sicangco Scene Design Faculty (email)
Joseph P. Tilford Scene Design Faculty (email)

Scene Painting/Scenic Art
Howard C. Jones Director of the Scenic Art Program; Scene Design and Scenic Art Faculty (email)

Sound Design
David E. Smith Director of the Sound Design Program; Sound Design Faculty (on leave - Fall 2014) (email)
Jason Romney Sound Design Faculty (email)

Stage Automation
John H. (Jack) Miller  Director of the Stage Automation Program; Technical Direction and Stage Automation Faculty (email)

Stage Management
Frank Lombardi Director of the Stage Management program; Stage Management Faculty (email)
Jamie Call Blankinship Stage Management Faculty (email)

Stage Properties
Bland M. Wade Jr. Director of the Stage Properties Program; Stage Properties Faculty (email)

Technical Direction/Scenic Technology
Zachary Stevenson Director of the Technical Direction Program; Technical Direction Faculty (email)
Dennis Gill Booth Technical Direction Faculty (email)
John H. (Jack) Miller  Director of Stage Automation Program; Technical Direction and Stage Automation Faculty (email)
Bill Volz Technical Direction Faculty (email)

Visual Arts
Will Taylor Director of the Visual Arts Program; Visual Arts Faculty (email)
Pamela C. Griffin Visual Arts Faculty (email)

Wig and Makeup
Michael Meyer Director of the Wig and Makeup Program; Wig and Makeup Faculty (email)
Christal Schanes Wig and Makeup (email)


Guest Faculty - 2015 - 2016

Adjunct Faculty - 2015 - 2016
Dee Blackburn (MFA '12) Drafting
Dane Krogman Design
Bruno Louchouarn Sound Design (Fall '14)
Matthew Melchiorre Stage Management
Liza Vest Stage Management
Robin Vest Drafting
Jack Warren Visual Arts
Kyle Webster Design (Costumes, Scenic, and Wig and Makeup)

Emeritus Faculty
John A. Sneden Dean Emeritus (1970)
Mark Pirolo Emeritus Faculty, Design (1972)
Clyde M. Fowler, Jr. Emeritus Faculty, Visual Arts (1975)
Diane R. Berg Emeritus Faculty, Costumes (1986)
Martha Dunigan Emeritus Faculty, Visual Arts (1975)
Franco Colavecchia Emeritus Faculty, Design (1996)
Christine Turbitt Emeritus Faculty, Costume Design and Technology (1974)

Guest Artists

Each year, the School of Design & Production brings a number of distinguished professional artists and craftsmen to campus to give master classes, workshops and demonstrations to enhance the regular program of study. Such sessions can range from a day or two to several weeks. Guest artists are especially important to students' study during Intensive Arts, a two-week period prior to the Christmas holidays when regular classes are suspended and students work exclusively on arts projects and attend special workshops in their specialization. Recent guest artists have included the following:

Commercial Theatre:
Emanuel Azenberg, Ted Chapin, Patricia Crown, Susan Gallin, Elizabeth McCann, David Richards, Jake Bell

Costume Design:
Lewis Brown, David Burke, Jess Goldstein, Rosemary Ingham, Ann Roth, Austin Sanderson*, Paul Tazewell*, Jose Varona, Freddy Wittop

Margaret Collins, Holly Marion, Dale Nettnin

Dyeing and Crafts:
Irene Corey, Marliss Borenz Jensen

General Management and Labor:
George Elmer, Paul King, Thomas Short, Joe Volpe

Graphic and Commercial Design:
Duane Langenwalter*, Maureen Trotto

Lighting Design:
Howell Binkley, Don Holder, Josh Weisberg, Jonathan Speirs, Paul Gregory, Carrie Wood*, Anca Trandafirescu, T.J. Donoghue*, Michael Kohler*, Brad Fields, John McKernon*,
Glenn Wilcox

Lighting Technology:
George Masek, Aaron Hubbard, David Schulman*, Andre’ Florian, David North, Mike Meskill*, Josh Selander*, Steve Aldrich, Thommy Hall, Leonard Miller, Eric Ludacer*, Bobby Harrell, Loren Barton, Jeff Cranfill, Todd Davis

Marketing and Public Relations:
Chris Boneau, Nancy Coyne, Siobhan Olson

Mold-Making and Casting:
Bob Warner

Production Design:
Wynn Thomas

Mark Boley, Brad Look

Scene design:
Campbell Baird*, Ming Cho Lee, John Farrell, Desmond Heeley, Jose Varona

Scene and Costume Design:
Desmond Heeley

Scene Painting:
Susan Crabtree, Jenny Knott

Sound Design:
Paul Arditti, Clay Benning*, EunJin Cho, Curtis Craig, Drew Dalzel, Jonathon Deans, John Gromada, Richard Ingraham, Brett Jarvis*, Scott Lehrer, John Leonard, Michel Marrano*, Bob McCarthy, Tony Meola, Cliff Miller, Michael Rasbury, Nevin Steinberg, John Taylor

Stage Automation:
Bob Goddard

Stage Management:
Jake Bell, Terry Berliner, Shawn Gresser*, Jeff Kalpak, Brandon Kahn*, Annie Keefe, Michael Krug, Matt Lacey, Peter Lawrence, David Lober, Margo Maier-Moul, Christopher Rivera*, Nicola Roberts, No Rules Theatre Company
Stage Properties:
Jim Guy

Technical Theatre and Stage Rigging:
Harry Donovan, Jay Glerum

Theatre History:
Jarka Burian

Theatrical millinery:
Bill Brewer, Marcy Wilbur Linton*
3-D Visualization:
George Sampedro

Visual Arts:

Vivian Beer, Barry Bailey, Cristina Córdova, Ellen Dissanayake, Richard Hunt, Suzanne Lacey, David LaChapelle*, Anne Lemanski, Stephanie Sherman/Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, Jeff Pike, Jim Wheeler, Clark Whittington

Wig and Makeup Design:
Marietta Carter-Narcisse

* Denotes University of North Carolina School of the Arts Alumni