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 School of Design and Production

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Breaking news from D and P...Student and alumni award winners announced: Janie Bullard (MFA 2010, Sound Design) - USITT Rising Star award for 2014; Kai Ravelson (3rd year MFA, Wigs and Makeup) - USITT Kyrolan Award for best emerging makeup designer in the nation; David Valentino (4th year Scene Design) - USITT Oren Parker Award for best undergraduate set design student in the nation; Alexa Busnot (4th year - Scene Painting) - USITT Master Craftsmanship Award; Amy MacDonald (1st year Costume Design and Technology) - MCarter Theatre's "Project Fences Costume Design Competition"

The School of Design and Production at UNCSA is one of the nation's foremost training programs for the design and technical and aspects of live theatre. While most college theatre programs offer a generalist degree in theatre arts, where you may get a just single course in the design and technical aspects of theatre, the UNCSA program offers nine separate undergraduate programs and ten graduate programs specifically in the design, technical and management fields of theatrical production.

We are one of the few training programs in the country that utilizes what is referred to as a "conservatory" model to educating our students. This means that as a student, you will concentrate your education in one specific aspect or specialty of the production process. So, in addition to learning a little about everything that goes on backstage, you will develop a career-oriented "specialty" skill in one aspect of design, production or management. Take a look below for further information.

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