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 General Information

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Police and Public Safety Department is committed to providing UNCSA with a safe environment conducive to the goals of education and performance. Within this unique conservatory of the arts, dedicated to highly specialized training and education, we are committed to operating in a community based policing philosophy and encourage your participation in the policing process. Although reported crime at UNCSA is relatively low, it is important for students to remember that we are not immune from criminal activity. Therefore, we share many of the crime and safety issues that exist in any city. In partnership with the community, we work to prevent crime and solve problems that affect students, faculty, and staff. The safety and security of the UNCSA family is the combined responsibility of the entire UNCSA community.

I encourage all students, faculty, staff and visitors to be aware of the resources offered from the department and innovative equipment being utilized daily. Our officers are committed to initiating and maintaining close ties with the community. Feel free to stop by our new department headquarters building at 2010 Kenan Drive to ask any questions about security issues that are important to you. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our resources and review the information provided on this website. Your assistance allows us to help you in the pursuit of a safe campus. If the information you are seeking is not contained within the website please give us a call at 336-770-3321 or e-mail us at and we will be glad to respond to your questions.


Gregory Harris
Police Chief

Chief of Police

Mission Statement

To contribute to and promote the greater mission of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts by facilitating a safe, secure, and service-oriented environment for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, stakeholders,  and general visitors to the UNCSA campus and off-campus facilities

The UNCSA Police Department must employ the proper balance of education, problem-solving, service orientation, administrative action, and law enforcement action to achieve our mission in the proper context of our school culture. It is our job to enhance the UNCSA student experience; facilitate faculty and staff efforts to provide the best teaching and performance experiences; and partner with all UNCSA community members to solve problems, prevent crime, foster personal safety, and protect UNCSA and individual property. Safety and security are shared responsibilities and it is only through a mutual partnership and understanding that we can all be successful.

Value Statement

The UNCSA Police Department is a values-based organization. These values provide a consistent framework for all officers and command staff when making day-to-day decisions about our duties, responsibilities, communications, and professional conduct. We deliberately set very high expectations for our staff because the UNCSA community deserves the most professional, effective police service possible. Our values:

  • Integrity
  • Personal Dignity and Individual Rights
  • The Arts
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Thoughtful Analysis
  • Service Orientation
  • Employee Worth
Police Badge


These stated values have to be more than words on a printed page. They have to actually influence how we present ourselves on behalf of the School. The following value statements provide more insight as to how UNCSA Police Department members shall incorporate the spirit of these values into our operations.

Integrity: We believe that integrity must be the underlying core value for all Police Department activities. We will perform our duties with unquestionable integrity.  We will be honest and straightforward; striving to consider all information provided and to make ethical choices based on the facts, information, and circumstances presented to us. We may make honest mistakes, but we will acknowledge them, rectify them, and work to avoid them in the future. All members of the Police Department will constantly strive to “do the right thing” in supporting the greater UNCSA mission.

Personal Dignity And Individual Rights: We will treat all persons with dignity, courtesy and respect. This department will consistently honor the fundamental individual rights afforded to all persons through state and federal mandates.

The Arts: We believe in the fundamental mission of the school and the role of the arts in our society. We will actively support the many projects, films, and performances produced and or presented by the faculty and students of UNCSA. We will demonstrate our appreciation for UNCSA performing and visual artists through our personal presence, assistance, and positive feedback, whenever possible. We will strive to understand how the faculty and staff, as artists, experience the daily demands of life at UNCSA.

Teamwork: We will work collaboratively among our Police Department officers and staff to fulfill our duties and responsibilities. We recognize that this is one department, and that ultimate success depends on our ability to communicate, cooperate, respect and coordinate the many talents and abilities of all UNCSA Police Department employees.  Additionally, we pledge our participation and support of the greater UNCSA team. The Police Department members will work with faculty, staff, and students to assist with matters that are appropriate to the school’s mission.

Professionalism: We will display the ultimate in professionalism. We will demonstrate a continuing commitment to excellence, professional development, and first-class demeanor. We will be accountable for our conduct both on and off-duty. We will exhibit the appearance, enthusiasm, dedication, discipline, and specialized competencies necessary for success in our profession, thereby serving as consistent role-models for UNCSA students in their chosen fields.

Thoughtful Analysis: We will use thoughtful analysis in our planning, response to calls for service, and problem-solving processes. Policing today requires that we deal with an unprecedented range of simple to highly complex issues to maintain social order and ensure public safety. We invite critical thinking and questioning into our daily discussions so that we may better serve the community.

Service Orientation: We will perform our duties with a true service orientation that demonstrates our commitment to customer-friendly practices. We will:

  • Listen earnestly and objectively to people.
  • Provide accurate, complete and timely responses.
  • Treat people in a courteous manner.
  • Focus on solving the problem presented.
  • Work toward voluntary compliance as a preferred option.
  • Establish and maintain high visibility on campus and at events.
  • Establish and maintain services based on community feedback.
  • Treat each request for service with a genuine desire to help.

Employee Worth: We believe that providing quality service to the community begins with how we value ourselves and treat each other in the department. We will promote a positive work environment, where people genuinely trust and care about each other. We will publicly acknowledge our employee accomplishments. We will strive to distribute the department workload in a reasonable manner and to compensate our employees in an equitable fashion. Additionally, we will provide employees with the resources, administrative support, and work expectations necessary to be successful.

Campus Police Building

UNCSA Police
2010 Kenan Drive
Winston Salem, NC 27127

(We are located at the South end of Kenan Dr. across from the Drama Gym.)





Gregory Harris, Police Chief
Phone: 336-770-3321

Chris Helsabeck
Chris Helsabeck, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 336-734-2955

Captain Davis
Gary Davis, Captain

Phone: 336-770-3321

Captain Davis
Sherrie Fuiell, Captain

Phone: 336-770-3321


UNCSA Police and Public Safety Department Telephone Numbers:
 On Campus Emergency (from any campus extension):    55
 On Campus Emergency (off campus extension):    336-770-3362
 24-Hour Non-Emergency Office Extension:    336-770-3321
 Campus Police Fax:    336-750-0866


Department Authority, Core Functions, and Staffing

Police and Public Safety

Badge The UNCSA Police Department employs 16 professionally trained police officers that meet the standards set forth by the Criminal Justice and Standards Division of the state of North Carolina under General Statute 17C. These officers have the authority to enforce federal, state and local laws, as well as the rules and regulations of the University of North Carolina. Our police jurisdiction includes all UNCSA owned or leased property, that portion of any public road passing through the campus, and that portion of any public road immediately adjoining the campus (Cf. General Statute 116-40.5).


Police officers routinely engage in crime prevention, security surveys, safety escorts, and other public safety functions.  In the event additional security is needed, UNCSA Police contract with private security to augment our own officers.  When on campus, private security officers work under the direction of UNCSA police officers.  

Communications Center

UNCSAPD operates a communications center (“dispatch”) 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.  We have five full-time North Carolina state-certified emergency communications officers and one other full-time staff that is cross-trained to work in the center, if needed.  The Communications Center handles all incoming calls and dispatches police responses to calls for service and emergency situations.  Police responses are documented using a Computer Aided Dispatch system.  Communications Officers also manage the emergency notification processes for the campus.

Traffic and Parking

University of North Carolina School of the Arts police officers are responsible for enforcing all parking and traffic laws in accordance with the authority vested in them by the Board of Trustees under North Carolina General Statutes 116.44.4. Their jurisdiction covers all University property including: parking lots, streets, immediately adjoining public streets, and satellite locations. Enforcement is carried out by citing vehicles and drivers, towing vehicles, wheel-locking vehicles and monitoring parking lots.

Emergency Management and Business Continuity

UNCSA utilizes the all-hazards approach to emergency management.  The department has one full-time emergency management coordinator who deals with emergency mitigation, planning, response, and recovery.  This coordinator also facilitates the University-wide Business Continuity Plan.   Among the many duties of this position: The University All-Hazards Emergency Plan, Emergency Operations Center, and Emergency Notification Systems.

Emergency Vehicles Emergency Vehicles
Community Policing

Community Policing is a philosophy and leadership style that promotes full-service personalized policing through the systematic use of community partnerships, proactive problem-solving, crime prevention techniques and appropriate law enforcement to assertively and positively impact crime, fear of crime, personal safety, asset security, and quality of life issues within the community.

It’s about
taking care of people,
building relationships,
establishing partnerships, and
being an integral part of the community.

Police in Fundraiser
Participating during Open House
Westside Story Lunch
Domestic Violence Awareness Table
Move-In Day
Bike Patrol

Unlocking vehicle for Staff member

Police and Public Safety Services

Routine and Directed Patrols
Vehicles UNCSA uniformed officers patrol the campus 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a- week.  Officers may be on foot, in a vehicle or on a bicycle.  If there is an increased threat in a particular area due to recent crime or suspicious persons, officers – in addition to their regular patrol – may conduct extra directed patrol of that area with specific instructions on what activity or person(s) to look for while patrolling.    

UNCSA has high school students as well as college students. The Police Department conducts patrols inside the high school residence halls, walking the hallways – especially throughout the nighttime hours. Since UNCSA is “in locos parentis,” or “in place of the parents” to these students, this function is essential for us.

Traffic Control and Accidents

Officers direct and monitor vehicular traffic on campus and adjacent roadways to campus.  They enforce all relevant traffic laws, making traffic stops when appropriate. When vehicles are involved in accidents, officers investigate the circumstances and complete all reports.  Officers routinely direct traffic for special events. TrafficControl

Criminal Investigations

UNCSA uniformed and plainclothes police officers respond to crime scenes and conduct follow-up criminal investigations.  This includes all aspects of a thorough investigation: evidence, interviews, reports, testimony, liaison with the District Attorney’s Office, etc.

Calls for Service Related to Criminal Activity and Emergency First Response

The Police Department is the primary means for emergency first response for a crime, suspicious circumstance, medical crisis, intrusion/fire alarm, or other critical incident situation. 

Officers respond to a range of calls regarding possible criminal activity on the campus.  This department has an excellent response time resulting in officers being on the scene in a matter of only a few minutes.

Arts School Requests

The Police Department reviews and approves requests regarding open flame permits, film shoot special effects and stunts, production prop weapons use, and location security needs, among others. There are also times when the Police Department has received shipments and stored items for security purposes on behalf of the faculty.


Security Escorts

Students, faculty and staff members who would like a security escort from anywhere on campus can call and request an officer to respond.  The first available officer will respond and escort the individual to the requested campus destination or to a location within one mile of campus.  

Bicycle Registration

The UNCSA Police Department will register bicycles on campus.  This registry is part of a statewide system that helps identify the owner of a bicycle when it is lost or stolen, and then recovered. 

Property Engraving Program

The UNCSA Police Department will engrave personal items (such as laptop computers) for students, faculty or staff. This will help identify the owner in the event the item is lost and recovered.  

Crime Prevention, Safety Programming, and Rape Aggression Defense (self-defense)

UNCSA Police officers and the Student Life staff promote safety through programs on crime prevention and related topics. UNCSA has officers certified as Rape Aggression Defense trainers. These officers offer these self-defense classes to female students, faculty and staff at various times during the year.   Campus Police

Crime Alerts

Alerts are distributed throughout the campus via e-mail and/or written notification when deemed appropriate; for example, when a serious crime occurs on or near our campus and a potential threat has been identified.  The UNCSA Police Department may also post a notice on the UNCSA Police website at: 

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance The Police Department oversees the surveillance camera system on campus.  Not only does the Communications Center monitor the screens, but our staff coordinates all planning, purchases, expansion, and maintenance of the cameras and related equipment.  

Police Records and Reporting

UNCSA Police write major and minor incident reports on calls for service.  Criminal activity generates a major report, with an incident number for tracking in the system.  Non-criminal incidents are documented through a minor report that serves as a permanent record of police actions in response to the incident.

Building and Vehicle Unlocks

If faculty, staff or students find they have forgotten their building access card or room key, or have locked themselves out of their vehicle, UNCSA Police will assist.  Proper identification is requested and officers provide the unlock service, as requested. 

Coordinating and Responding to Alarms

The Police Department coordinates the planning, purchase, expansion, and maintenance of many of the alarms on campus. Officers are dispatched to the scene for any alarm activation, whether it is a burglar, fire, trouble or panic alarm.  In the event of a fire alarm, hazardous materials, or rescue situation, there is a planned, coordinated response with the Winston-Salem Fire Department. 

Temporary One Cards

The One Card acts as the ID card, access card, meal plan card and prepaid flexible spending account for campus purchases and services. It should be carried at all times and presented for access to many campus facilities, services, campus-sponsored events, and more.  When a One Card is lost or missing after normal business hours, the Police Department provides a temporary One Card to the person in need.  This card allows them their normal One Card privileges until the next business day, when it can be permanently replaced by the One Card Office. 

Physical and Mental Health Welfare Checks

In the event someone provides information that leads to concern about a student, faculty member, or staff member’s welfare, officers conduct a welfare check on that individual.  If the individual is not on campus and lives off-campus, the department contacts the police agency having jurisdiction for assistance.  If appropriate, UNCSA Police contact the Counseling Center for immediate assistance. 

Building Security Checks

Building Check Officers not only check building exteriors, but also actively walk through building interiors on campus to physically check on the safety of persons and the security of restricted access areas.  This activity is often underestimated in value to the campus. It is needed to prevent risk of personal attacks or theft. 

Informational Brochures and Educational Materials

The Police Department is responsible for developing and/or purchasing safety-related informational brochures for students, faculty, staff and parents.  Examples of these include: UNCSA Police Informational Brochure on Domestic Violence, Staying Safe on Campus, Make A Difference and Talk to Your Child about Alcohol.  These materials are provided at various informational events throughout the year.    

Parent, Student, and Staff Orientations

The Police Department makes a presentation at parent, student, and selected staff orientations.  In these sessions, police officers explain the roles, responsibilities and functions of the department.  For student orientations, police officers also discuss North Carolina statutes, alcohol and drug abuse, and personal safety tips. 

Anonymous Reporting

UNCSA Police maintain an anonymous tip line for community members to report anything of a public safety, police, or emergency management nature to us without having to identify themselves.  A command officer takes responsibility for maintaining, collecting, and following-up on messages from that line.  Additionally, UNCSA Police sponsor a Facebook page available to community members who may want to provide comments to us.  

Crime Reporting

The state of North Carolina and the U.S. Department of Education both have mandated requirements for police agencies to report criminal activity that occurs in their jurisdictions.  The Police Department prepares and submits all required crime reports. The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to disclose information about campus crime and security policies. We are required to disseminate (via Internet and/or written brochure) an annual report that contains the past three years of campus crime statistics, as well as certain security policy statements.

Annual Safety and Security Handbook

The Police Department prepares, publishes and distributes the U.S. Department of Education “CLERY” required UNC School of the Arts Campus Safety and Security Handbook on an annual basis. This requires keeping up-to-date on annual changes to the mandated requirements, as well as meeting the specified deadlines for compliance.  UNCSA provides electronic as well as hard copies to the community.

Threat Assessment

The UNCSA Threat Assessment Team analyzes potentially threatening behaviors or situations and makes recommendations to eliminate or reduce the risk.  Generally, a potential threat is referred to the team from one or more sources, such as: High School Mitigation Team; College Student Concerns’ Team; Police and Public Safety; Human Resources; and/or concerned faculty, staff, students, and members of the public. 
The core members of the team are the Provost, Dean of Students, Senior Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, Director of the Counseling Center, and Director of Human Resources.  UNCSA General Counsel serves as legal adviser to the team. Other “situational advisers” are invited to participate in the assessment process on an ad hoc basis, depending upon the circumstances and situation presented.  

What is the procedure for a member of the university community to report information about a potentially threatening behavior or situation that worries them?

They can always contact UNCSA Police 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week with information about a potential threat.  The Police Department also has an anonymous tip line (336-770-1414) that can be used to leave information if the caller does not want to be identified. This information can also be reported to:

  • Any member of the Threat Assessment Team,
  • Student Life Case Manager,
  • High School Mitigation Team,
  • College Student Concerns Team, or
  • Human Resources Department.
UNCSA Police Challenge Coin

What is a challenge coin?

Challenge coins were begun as a military tradition. It is a small coin or medallion bearing an organization’s insignia.  It is usually designed to represent a unity of purpose and a sense of commitment to common goals.  Only members of the organization carry the issued coin and are subject to being “challenged” at any time by their peers.  The challenger produces the coin and the other member must reciprocate by producing their own coin.  

What does the UNCSA challenge coin consist of and why?

The UNCSA Police Department designed a challenge coin for our members as a symbol of our collective pride, honor, dedication, and sense of service to the community. It creates a lasting tradition for all Police Department members, and that tradition is based on our deeply held, unwavering core values.      

Our gold challenge coin has our patch and our police response vehicles on one side.  On the outer ring of this side is the school name (NCSA when they were initially issued) and five gold stars.  The stars represent the five arts schools and remind our members that we protect the stars of the future. 

The other side of the coin displays our values against an American flag background.  The outer ring of this side includes a quote from Chancellor John Mauceri: “Best Police Department in the World.”  The quote is included as a reminder of the standard that members of the department strive to meet whenever working.

Coin FAce Coin Back

Coins are issued to each full-time member of the Police Department after completing their employee probationary period. The chief presents the coin with the following statement:   
“I am proud to present this challenge coin to you as a symbol of our department. You must carry this with you at all times when you are working.  When you look at this coin remember that:

  • We are always one team,
  • We are always one work family, and 
  • We always carry our core values with us to guide our decisions and behaviors every single day.”
Special Event Assistance

Out of necessity, the Police Department is very involved in special events that occur on-campus.  Most events require special arrangements for parking, traffic direction, crowd control, and security. For events serving alcohol on campus, UNCSA Police must sign the special event approval form and must be present at the event.  UNCSA Police assist with more than 300 special event details in a year.  The staffing of a detail can be provided by regular shift personnel or additional officers scheduled just for the event. The number of officers needed varies depending upon the event’s size and complexity, and the number of functions scheduled at any one time.  There are also times when the department supplements police officers with contract private security officers. UNCSA is different from other small schools due to the number of performance venues on campus and the Stevens Center (seating 1,380 patrons) in downtown Winston-Salem.

When contacted by the event sponsor, UNCSA Police will advise whether there is a charge for the police services needed.  If so, UNCSA Police will provide an estimate of the cost presented as a “not to exceed” cost. Every effort will be made to minimize the cost of services. 


UNCSA Police assess and facilitate any parking needs associated with special events. It is important to contact UNCSA Police to determine if the main campus location can accommodate parking for the number of expected attendees. If so, the Police Department will designate the parking lot(s) location for the event.  If the number of attendees exceeds the main campus capacity, then UNCSA Police will facilitate the use of the YWCA Parking Lot across Main Street.  In that case, the sponsor of the event will need to arrange for shuttles for attendees to use between the YWCA Lot and a campus drop-off point.

It is critical that special event sponsors work with UNCSA Police on special event parking.  On most days, faculty, staff and students need their parking spaces

Officer in Rain

throughout the day and late into the night.  Please keep in mind that parking must remain available for the normal operation of the school.  Also remember that it is not unusual to have multiple events scheduled at any given time.  An event sponsor that has not made parking arrangements

It is critical that special event sponsors work with UNCSA Police on special event parking.  On most days, faculty, staff and students need their parking spaces throughout the day and late into the night.  Please keep in mind that parking must remain available for the normal operation of the school.  Also remember that it is not unusual to have multiple events scheduled at any given time.  An event sponsor that has not made parking arrangements may find that all parking is taken for another event that day.  It is always best to work with UNCSA Police and ensure that parking is designated so that the attendees have a positive experience on campus. 

Depending upon the event, UNCSA police may have to “cone off” parking spaces for the attendees to park.  Faculty, staff and students should not remove these cones to park.  If a parking area that is normally available has been coned off, call UNCSA Police and we will help you identify an alternate location to park.

UNCSA faculty and staff cannot give permission to individuals to park in violation of the UNCSA parking regulations.  Only UNCSA Police can grant that temporary permission. For example, an event sponsor cannot directly instruct attendees to park in a student commuter or residence lot. Unless the UNCSA Police Department has agreed and designated that area for the event parking, the attendees would be subject to parking citations and fines.  


The Police Department maintains portable sign frames and signs that officers can place strategically along roadways or walkways throughout campus to direct special event visitors to the specific buildings involved in the event.  The event sponsor can contact the Police Department to determine if this type of signage is available for the planned event location(s).  The Police Department also provides a Public Safety and Parking Information Table at many events. 

Traffic Direction

The UNCSA campus has a limited number of main roadways. Depending upon the number of attendees anticipated for an event, police may need to direct the vehicular traffic.  Especially with larger groups, police need early notification of the event for staffing purposes.   

Special Needs

UNCSA Police make every effort to assist guests with special needs.  This includes needed parking accommodations, vehicular escorts, or other special requests to assist in a unique circumstance.  Please call 336-770-3321 with any requests.

Two Officers

Routine Traffic and Parking Issues


It's important to review the detailed parking rules and regulations for information about Police and Public Safety services such as, the bike share program, pull cart/ handtruck loan program and frequently asked questions.

Traffic and Parking Policy

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Department of Police and Public Safety (UNCSADPPS) is responsible for enforcing all parking and traffic laws in accordance with the authority vested in it by the Board of Trustees under North Carolina General Statutes 116.44.4.  Our jurisdiction covers all University owned and leased property including: buildings, parking lots, streets immediately adjoining public streets, and satellite locations.   All drivers are expected to drive with extreme caution while on UNCSA owned or controlled property. UNCSA police officers do enforce traffic regulations.  Please abide by the posted speed limits, honor all pedestrian crosswalks, and come to a full stop at all STOP signs.  At all times obey police officer verbal commands and traffic direction.  

All students, faculty, and staff who park on UNC School of the Arts property must display a valid parking decal or temporary permit, appropriately placed, on the vehicle being parked.  This includes Center Stage.

Decals shall be clearly visible and affixed to the exterior of the rear windshield on the passenger side of the vehicle.  Motorcycles shall place the decal on the rear fender. 

Any decal holders who are temporarily driving a different vehicle are required to get a temporary parking permit (at no cost) from the UNCSA Department of Police and Public Safety.

Initial decals, replacement decals, and temporary permits are all issued by the UNCSA Department of Police and Public Safety which is located in the Police Department across the street from the Drama Gym.  All vehicles are required to have the legal minimum NC liability insurance coverage, even if the vehicle is registered in another state. You will need to complete a vehicle registration form and take it to the cashier’s office in the Welcome Center to pay for the decal.  After paying for the decal you will need to bring the receipt and the vehicle registration form to the Department of Police and Public Safety on the south end of Kenan Drive (directly across from the Drama Gym) to get your decal.



  • The speed limit on campus -  10  MPH
  • There is NO PARKING on Chapel St.
  • There is no drop-off directly in front of Workplace.  Drop-off must be at the sidewalk behind Demille.  This sidewalk leads to Workplace and will be maintained for pedestrians.
  • UNCSA Police will enforce parking rules through citing violations, wheel locking vehicles (cost is $65.00 plus citation) and towing. UNCSA towing cost is $100 plus citation fine. Also, fees and other costs are charged by and paid directly to the towing company. If you are wheel locked for having no decal, you will also need to pay the full cost for a parking decal in order to park anywhere on campus or be subject to future citations, wheel locks, and possibly towing.


Parking Map
Driver's License Verification Form

Application for Open Flame Permit

 Parking Forms
          Student Vehicle Registration Form
          Permanent Employee Parking Decal Form
          Temporary Employee Parking Decal Form
          Ticket Appeal Form