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 General Information

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In February 2007, the University of North Carolina Board of Governors launched University of North Carolina Tomorrow, an 18-month initiative to determine how the multi-campus University can best meet the needs of the state and its people over the next 20 years. 

In March 2007, the University of North Carolina Tomorrow Commission was created to help guide that ambitious effort. The Commission, a blue-ribbon group that included business, education, government, and nonprofit leaders from across the state, was charged with learning what the people of North Carolina need from their University and making related recommendations to the Board of Governors. Commission members and staff traveled the state, visiting UNC campuses and meeting with regional leaders in different sectors and industries to discuss evolving challenges facing North Carolina.

In December 2007, the UNC Tomorrow Commission issued its Final Report.   (The Executive Summary of the Final Report is also available.)  

"The University of North Carolina is dedicated to the service of North Carolina and its people. In order to efficiently and effectively fulfill its three-pronged mission of education, research and scholarship, and public service in the 21st century, the University should proactively anticipate and identify the needs facing our state over the next twenty years and, consistent with its mission, develop and implement responses to those needs."

Through the UNC Tomorrow Response Phase planning process, the UNC Board of Governors and constituent institutions and affiliated entities of UNC were asked to identify and develop specific plans for implementing responses to the UNC Tomorrow Commission’s recommendations.   (The Response Phase Timeline Table is also available.)

Responding to the needs of North Carolina is not new to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. When founded in 1963 by the North Carolina General Assembly, it was in response to the need to promote the arts in North Carolina and provide a place for talented young North Carolinians to embrace and train in the arts, at the highest level. Since the beginning, the UNC School of the Arts actively engaged in fostering the arts and culture in communities across North Carolina. More recently in its history, in response to major economic shifts in the North Carolina economy, UNCSA developed initiatives to make the state more globally competitive by leveraging the creative talents of its students, faculty, and staff to accelerate the growth of existing creative enterprises and generate new opportunities. 

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts welcomed the UNC Tomorrow process. The UNC Tomorrow Initiative allowed us to investigate our current level of engagement and explore opportunities for new engagement that will strengthen the UNCSA, our local community, and the state of North Carolina. The UNCSA has a targeted mission, much more so than most of the other institutions within the University of North Carolina system. Our mission can be summarized as training talented young artists for professional careers in the performing arts. It is clear that some sections of the findings in the UNC Tomorrow Commission report are outside the mission of our institution, while others are central to our mission. The UNC Tomorrow process reinforced the fact that UNCSA has an important role to play as the performing arts leader within the University of North Carolina system. 

The UNCSA UNC Tomorrow Response

The Executive Summary of the UNCSA UNC Tomorrow Response 

UNC Tomorrow Phase I Staff Observations to the UNCSA UNC Tomorrow Response

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