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 General Information
Mission Statement

The mission of the Staff Council is to foster a positive and respectful working environment by advocating for the interests and concerns of each Staff member. While advancing and supporting the mission and goals of UNCSA, the Staff Council shall

  • serve as a liaison between the Staff, the administration, and the Chancellor,
  • promote a sense of community among all school employees;
  • provide regular communication to staff on issues affecting staff members;
  • review policies and procedures and make recommendations to the Chancellor and/or administration;
  • encourage professional and personal development of the Staff;
  • represent issues and concerns of the Staff through our delegates to the state-wide UNC Staff Assembly.

                                        UNCSA Staff Council Annual Report 2013-14

                                        UNCSA Staff Council Annual Report 2012-13

                                        UNCSA Staff Council Annual Report 2011-12

                                        UNCSA Staff Council Annual Report 2010-11

                                        UNCSA Staff Council Annual Report 2009-10

Council Representatives


Nyambi Shannon

Patsy Seiler, Chair

Edwin Martinat, Chair Elect

Dolores Watson, Past Chair

2014-2015 Staff Council Representation

UNC Staff Assembly Delegates

Patsy Seiler (Chair) - School of Filmmaking
Edwin Martinat (Chair Elect) - Admissions
Dolores Watson (Past Chair) - School of Filmmaking

UNC Staff Assembly Alternate(s)

Alice Thompson (Parliamentarian) - Student Life 


2014-2015 Meetings

 All meetings are scheduled from 11:00 a.m. until Noon

July 2014 - NO MEETING
             August 21, 2014 Eisenberg Hall
            September 18, 2014 - ALL SCHOOL STAFF MTG. - Gerald Freedman Theater
            October 16, 2014 - RJR Screening Room
            November 20, 2014 Eisenberg Hall
            December 18, 2014 - HOLIDAY CELEBRATION POTLUCK LUNCH - Eisenberg Hall
            January 15, 2015 - Eisenberg Hall
            February 19, 2015 - Eisenberg Hall
            March 19, 2015 - ALL SCHOOL STAFF MTG. - Gerald Freedman Theater
            April 16, 2015 - Eisenberg Hall
            May 21, 2015 - SUMMER CELEBRATION POTLUCK LUNCH - Eisenberg Hall
           June 18, 2015 - Eisenberg Hall

All SPA and EPA-NT staff members are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.
Visitors may not make motions or vote, but may join in the discussion. To bring up an issue,
agenda item or announcement for Staff Council meeting, please talk to your representative.

Staff Council Committees

Community Service and Sustainability Committee
Jamie Moore, Chair

Membership and Elections Committee
Mary Graves, Chair

Professional Development Committee
Leslie Kamtman, Chair

Special Events Committe
Jackie Riffle, Chair                                       

Pickle Pride Awards

 2014 - 2015 Recipients Include:

Scott Chandler - Stevens Center
Thomas Espenschied - Residence Life Programs & Housing
Sarah Lawrence - Academic Affairs
Scott Hendershot - High School Residence Life
Matt Horvat - Advancement



UNCSA Staff Council By-Laws

Past Events

Mary Jane Degnan, 2013 Outstanding Staff Service Award & Dolores Watson, Staff Council Chair

                Mary Graves is congratulated by Interim Chancellor Moeser for receiving
                                              the 2014 Staff Professional Excellence Award


                            Leslie Kamtman receives the Staff Community Service Award


Charles Brink, UNC Staff Assembly Chair pictured with Mary Jane Degnan, School of Dance and Edwin Martinat, Admissions Office

                                                       Staff Council Awards Celebration Cake

Stephen Cochrane, Financial Services and Marilyn James, Stevens Center

                                                Staff Council Awards Celebration Food Table


                                 Martinat Wins Award
                                                              UNCSA Staff Council Wall of Excellence

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