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University of North Carolina School of the Arts
1533 South Main St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27127-2738


University of North Carolina School of the Arts
P.O. Box 12189
Winston-Salem, NC 27117-2189

For directions to and a map of the campus, look in our Visitors’ Center under Maps/Directions.

Main telephone number: 336-770-3399

For emergencies, call UNCSA Police at 55 (from on-campus extension); non-emergencies are 336-770-3321.



Admissions: 336-770-3290
(Admissions e-mail:

Human Resources: 336-770-1428

Student Life: 336-770-3283

Residence Life:  336-770-3280

School of Dance: 336-770-3209

School of Design and Production: 336-770-3215


School of Drama: 336-770-3235


School of Filmmaking: 336-770-1330


School of Music: 336-770-3252


Liberal Arts: : 336-631-1558

High School Academics: 336-770-3245

Media Relations: 336-770-3337

Marketing: 336-770-3335

Campus Store: 336-770-3328 or visit


For all other offices, look in our department index.

To locate students, look in our student directory.

To locate faculty and staff, look in our faculty/staff directory.

For web questions, contact the webmaster at