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 General Information

The University is currently operating under normal conditions.


In an emergency, the university will post announcements at this site, along with updates and information about resources available to the UNCSA community. Remember that it may take time in an emergency for authorities to determine the facts. Do not call 911 or UNCSA Police for general information, as this will delay response to the emergency. This site will provide new details as quickly as possible.


Emergency and Important Numbers

On campus emergency from cell phone: (336) 770-3362

On campus emergency from campus phone: Dial 55

Non-emergency:  (336) 770-3321

Anonymous crime reporting: (336) 770-1414

OFF-CAMPUS emergency:   Dial 911

Health/Counseling Services: (336) 770-3288

College Life: (336) 770-3282

High School Life : (336) 770-3281



What is an emergency?

An emergency is an immediate, campus-wide threat to the safety and security of the UNCSA community.

How can I prepare for an emergency?

  • Keep emergency supplies in your office or classroom (flashlights, batteries, portable radios).
  • Become familiar with the quickest exit routs from your office, classroom, or rehearsal/performance venue.
  • Locate the nearest fire extinguisher and fire alarm pull station.

How will I be notified of an emergency?

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts has an emergency notification system with a number of tools including, but not limited to: email, text messaging, and outdoor speakers designed to send messages to the campus community in minutes.  This system will be used to distribute information regarding emergencies that require immediate awareness or action.  Some examples of alerts include tornado warnings, building evacuations, and dangers requiring lock-down or shelter-in-place.

UNCSA ALERT is our emergency notification system that provides phone (recorded voice/text-to-speech) messages, emails, text messages, and messages to UNCSA's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Faculty, staff and students will automatically be opted-in to the UNCSA ALERT system with the contact information that is captured in Banner.  To manage your contact information, please visit UNCSA ALERT Myconnect Portal at to register for an account. Emergency messages will also go to everyone who has an active UNCSA email address. For more information click on UNCSA Alert on the side bar.

The UNCSA Police Department uses an outside Emergency Alert Speaker System to broadcast emergency messages throughout campus if needed.  In an emergency you must immediately follow all instructions provided by police.

In certain situations, such as adverse weather, UNCSA may also communicate via the general UNCSA telephone number (336-770-3399) and local news media (radio and TV).

How can I report an emergency?

For fastest response to police, fire or medical emergencies on campus, call the UNCSA Police Department at (336) 770-3362 from a cell or non-campus phone, or dial 55 from a campus phone.

The UNCSA PD employs fully trained, sworn law enforcement officers, on patrol and available for emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A full-time Emergency Communications Center (“dispatch center”) is staffed by state-certified emergency telecommunicators, ready to handle your request for service or to initiate immediate response to an emergency situation.

Outside Call Box and Emergency Notification System

UNCSA has Emergency Call Box locations throughout campus.  You can activate any call box to contact police for immediate assistance in an emergency.  Additionally, each call box has a set of speakers that can be activated by UNCSA Police to inform the community about an emergency.  The speakers will broadcast an audible tone followed by instructions.

Callbox Map

What if the media calls about a campus emergency?

Refer all inquiries from the media to the Communications & Marketing Office at 336-770-3337.

Patrol Car

Speaker Pole